Our Founders

Prakash Chand

Chief Executive Officer Prakash Chand is a serial entrepreneur based out of Toronto, Ontario. He owns many businesses in different sectors. One of his main businesses is maid services across Canada/USA. It was started after he retired from travelling and training for the sport of badminton. He has extensive knowledge in web development and advertising and his goal is to make Askthedoctor.com the world's largest easy to use medical information website for the general public. Some other companies Mr. Chand currently owns are: Premier Canada Maid Service, Toronto Yacht Rentals, New York Maid Service, AutoLifestyles and Dotlabs.


Chief Medical Officer Dr Suneel Sharman completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto. In addition to this he operates a walk-in clinic in downtown Toronto known as Infinity Health Centre. He has done extra training in sports medicine and cosmetic medicine. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto where he teaches second year medical students. His goals are to make complex medical knowledge freely available to the world and to help those who can't afford high healthcare costs due to lack of insurance coverage.

Suresh Kanumuri

Chief Technology Officer Suresh Kanumuri has over 15 Years of experience in Information Technology.He is an expert in Internet Technology, Web Based Business Models, Search Engine Optimization, Domain Business and Business Analytics. Suresh has worked as a Business Analytics expert and Specalist at DTE Energy in Detroit, Michigan until 2010. He was an investor and advisor in Gaadi.com. He moved back to his hometown Hyderabad, India to start his own company: Dotlabs Web Solutions Private Limited. The company now owns and operates some very popular Indian websites including popular health portals like Sehat.com and Chikitsa.com. In 2013, Suresh officially became the CTO of AskTheDoctor.com. His goal is to make AskTheDoctor.com a leading health portal to educate and guide patients.
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