Breast leaking

I'm 19 I just had a daughter a year ago and had sex recently the condom fell off inside me now today my breast was leaking milk I been having stomach pains what do this mean?

sex & beauty | 08/30/2014

Cysts in seminal vescicles

Sir I had pkd disease inherited from my father my age is 30 I had cysts in my seminal vescicles.though I had good erections and wet dreams but in unable to ejaculate whats my problem I font have ma...

Chronic Kidney Disease | 08/30/2014

Stopping long term, low dosage Gravol use.

I have been dealing with OCD and anxiety/panic attacks, with a major symptom being a feeling of nausea. Because of this, to find relief, especially travelling on public transit to and from work, I...

I have lower-right abdominal pain/discomfort; I suspect appendicitis, but it's more discomfort th...

So, for the past week or so, I've been having lower-right abdominal discomfort. It's not flat-out pain or anything, at least not 95% of the time, it's just a strange feeling down there. It hasn't g...

Appendicitis | 08/30/2014

"Pleaes help me I don't understand what's wrong with my body"

What does it mean if I have the symptoms of my period but I don't see any bleeding?

Missed Period | 08/30/2014
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