Acyclovir side effect?

Hello, I went to get tested for STDs this past wednesday because I had a small tiny red dot on my penis which hurt mildly and the area around it was very sensitive. The doctor tested me for std's ...

STD's | 08/29/2014

Mdma whilst taking fluoxetine

I have recently been diagnosed with depression and been prescribed 20mg fluoxetine daily. If I was to take mdma (stupid i know) 18 days into fluoxetine treatment what effect would the combination h...

Drugs | 08/29/2014

Tubular Growth On Penis

I found a long (about one inch) tubular shaped cyst thing on the shaft of my penis two days ago when urinating. I felt the tip of it poking out of the foreskin. I pulled the foreskin back to look. ...

Genital Warts and HPV | 08/29/2014

Swallowing Polyacrylamide Gel

I was using polyacrylamide gel for water retainment in a hanging basket, and a little (max. 10 tiny crystals) and don't think this small amount is a problem, but please could you tell me what probl...

General | 08/29/2014

Salazopyrin and Cilest interaction

I take salazopyrin EC 500mg three times a day. Will this medication interact or reduce the effectiveness of the Cilest birth control tablet I also take?

Pregnancy and Sex | 08/29/2014
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