Discomfort feeling in the end of urinating.

I had sex two days ago with my partner and now i feel this weird sensation of pressure, its tingling, very uncomfortable, but no pain. I have a constant urge to pee but nothing comes out. Now when ...

Bladder Infections | 08/20/2014

Tailbone pain when sitting prior to bowel movement

For the past two weeks I have experienced occasional tailbone pain. It only occurs when I sit down within an hour or two before I have a bowel movement. The pain is not severe and it goes away post...

Pain | 08/20/2014

Is it safe to get my ears pierced if I have reoccurring cysts in my ear lobes?

Hello, I have been diagnosed with cysts in my ear lobes, (2 or 3 in each) I've have this issue since childhood. Although a majority of the time they stay very small and barely noticeable, there are...

Cysts | 08/20/2014

Needing answer from a gynecologist/Obstetric about a specific case.

I have had a cornual ectopic pregnancy with right tube removed and wedge of the cornual removed 2 years ago. Can a successful pregnancy with no complications can still happen after this ? Thank y...

Pregnancy | 08/20/2014

Brown discharge instead of period, could i be pregnant?

Light period, no blood, but brown discharge?

Pregnancy and Sex | 08/20/2014
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