Can these vitamins be taken together?

Is it ok to take d3 (400iu) B12 (500mg) iron (65mg) Synthroid (50mcg) and sertraline (100mg) all together?

Muscle pains due to Vitamin D defficiency

I am 30 and having on & off muscle pain along with little bit joint pain from last 4 days. Year back i was Vitamin D deficient but i took vitamin d suppl...

Vitamin D deficiency

I am 23 and I had some blood work done and my Vit D is only 3 ng/mL . I have scoliosis but a doctor told me that the curve is about 15 degrees and i shouldn't...

Should Vitamins have negative side effects?

Can a sport single Vitamin/or multipack vitamin(s) give you a negative side effect? as matter affect, can any type of vitamin give you a negative side effect?

Fish Oil Pills and Propranolol

Should I take fish oil pills and propranolol ER 80MG? I've read some stuff on the Internet that has different answers.

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