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Vitamin supplements for bowel

I currently take Letrozole after having breast cancer 2 years ago. I wish to know if I can take a Bowel Tonic B supplement. This has Turkey Rhubarb root, cascara, cellulose capsule, chamomile, da...


Can these vitamins be taken together?

Is it ok to take d3 (400iu) B12 (500mg) iron (65mg) Synthroid (50mcg) and sertraline (100mg) all together?


Muscle pains due to Vitamin D defficiency

I am 30 and having on & off muscle pain along with little bit joint pain from last 4 days. Year back i was Vitamin D deficient but i took vitamin d supplement for 2 months . Also at that time ...


Vitamin D deficiency

I am 23 and I had some blood work done and my Vit D is only 3 ng/mL . I have scoliosis but a doctor told me that the curve is about 15 degrees and i shouldn't bother about it. But i have severe bac...


Should Vitamins have negative side effects?

Can a sport single Vitamin/or multipack vitamin(s) give you a negative side effect? as matter affect, can any type of vitamin give you a negative side effect?

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