Adolescent Nutrition

stomach problems

Im 16 and my stomach gets really bad pain, not heartburn pain. Bloating all the time and on and off random diarrhea. What is wrong?

Too much screens?

I'm 14, and for the past year or so I have been watching 2-3 hours of screens per day, and I get to bed at 10:00 and watch YouTube until 12-3, and wake up at ...

My mind playing with me?

My eyes get dry immediately after eating sugar sometimes (when I focus on the fact that I am eating sugar rather than nit thinking about it) my eyes have alwa...

Baking for a friend with a wheat allergy and colitis.

I have a friend who always asks me to make an apple pie for his birthday. He has recently spent a month in the hospital and been diagnosed with ulcerative col...


are there any safe and effective weight loss supplements for teenagers?

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