Darlene Burrows

I have a weak bladder and urinate alot. Since Sunday I haven't been going as much but I have an achy feeling in the lower part of my front sides. I thought I had a virus but its been 2 days and I'm...


Which antioxidant fruits are the best?

What kind of fruits are best to have as anti-oxidants? I have heard that any type of berries are the best. Is this true?


What are the harmful side-effects of Antioxidants

What are the adverse effects of antioxidants?


Surgery with other medical conditions

I'm due for open brain surgery to remove a beningn tumor in 10 days. However I have had a flare up of gout in my big toe. I'm on a course of medication which I will finish a week before the operat...


Acai Dosage

Many acai berry products on the market, they vary from 500-2000mg, what's a sufficient dose? And for how long we can take it for?

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