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Diet supplements: Acai and Colon Cleanse preparations

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have recently looked into taking a acai berry supplement and a colon cleanse pill. how safe is this treatment really, is there anything i should be concerned with?

Answer :

Dear Patient: 
This Amazonian berry fruit is a well known source of energy , fiber and can also help in inflammation reduction. The current preparations offered in the market associate other herbs and substances with laxative properties to the Acai that are supposed to help with the “Colon Cleanse”. As I always say, “try, explore and decide” what works the best for you. Every time that you decide to try some of these herbal remedies, please make sure you read the label and see if you are not allergic to some of the components in those pills. And once more: no diet works without a balanced nutritional regime, discipline and exercise.

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