calf pain

Experienced runner halving mid calf pain when I first wake up and when I first start to run goes away after a couple of miles. Not tender to touch no bruising...

Puking while running at about 1 mile mark

I have been running for about two years now, about three times a week. About 80% of the time I throw up at about the mile mark and I cannot go much farther b...

running after c section

How long should you wait after a c section to return to running for exercise?

Back of knee pain:Runner with painful Baker's Cyst

I have been running for over twenty years and up until about a year ago I was pain free. I started getting pain behind the left knee. I had an MRI performe...

Foot pain after start running routine

I just started becoming more active. 2 weeks ago I started walking to school (which is about a 30 minute walk there and back) and doing some circuit training...

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