High BMI and 40 pounds overweight

My BMI is high and I am 40 pds overweight for 26 years old. I am very active cause I work outdoors which is a lot of movement. I am on synthroid for thyroid p...

Chronic fatigue - What measures will help me?

I m feeling very lazy n tired n who ever looks at my face tells me tat i m looking very sleepy n i hav lack of concentration n forgeting wat i m studying pre...

Weight Gain with Irregular periods

I am 27 years old have always been athletic and in my designated weight class. However over the past 6-9 months I have gained a lot of weight now placing me ...

How Do I Gain Weight?

My age is 26 years but my weight is only 35 kg. please help me to gain weight safely. i m very upset.

BMI including muscle mass - how do I figure out my number??

I am a female, 5'7", approx 192 lbs. I have learned that my BMI is at 30, which is considered obese according to BMI charts. I know I have a high muscle mas...

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