Bulimia Nervosa

High heart rate

I am in a partial hospital program and they took my blood pressure sitting and standing. My blood pressure is fine but my heart rate jumped. from sitting 63 t...

My bulimic friend says throwing up her food makes her happy

My friend has bulimia, she's already lost 3 kg and has been very tired and worn down, pretending to be happy around the rest of our friends. I'm the only one ...

do I have anorexia or bulimia?

I want to know if I have anorexia or bulimia. I took many quizzes online and they all said I have signs of both.

High Cholesterol, Bilirubin and Bulimia

I recently told my doctor about my bulimia and he sent me for tests. I found out i have high cholesterol (im 23) and in a few months i have to go back and ge...

Is it safe to exercise during binging and purging cycles?

I have had bulimia nervosa for about 6 months now, and go through good phases and bad ones. Currently I am in a bad phase, binging and purging every day and ...

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