Duromiine - Benefits and Side Effects

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hey i was wondering if you know anything about duromine. Is it very dangerous and if i take it will it stop me later on from having children.Please give me as much info you can about this pill

Dear Patient:  Duromine is an appetite suppressant and contains phentermine as the active ingredient. Its a prescription drug and is not available over the counter. Duromine tables are available in 3 strengths, 15mg, 30mg & 40 mg. Duromine is as appetite suppressant and reduces appetite by affecting the central nervous system with its active chemical ingredient. Phentermine, the active element in duromine affects the neurotransmitter in the brain causing stimulation in the area that controls the appetite. This stimulation to the brain results in the hunger craving to be turned off by the brain. Long term usage of phentermine is not recommended as long term usage tends to make phentermine ineffective. Phentermine can be addictive and hence is a controlled medicine. Side effects of duromine include : feeling restless, weakness, high blood pressure, Changes in Sex drive, Constipation, Headaches, difficulty in breathing, dryness of mouth, Insomnia, Diarrhea and Chest pain.You may also encounter other side effects like irregular heart beat, chest pain, nervousness, stomach cramps, nausea and skin rashes. Duromine over doses have serious consequences including death. Symptoms of duromine over doses include excess energy, tremor, increased breathing rate, confusion, panic, excess fatigue, depression, hypertension. Duromine should be avoided under any circumstances if you suffer from any of the medical conditions : very high blood pressure, problem with valves in the heart, heart disease, narrowing of blood vessels.

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