Is whey protein safe for me?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hello, I would like to know if taking whey protien drinks will contribute to high cholesterol levels. I am now down to a healthy level and need to gain muscle mass because I have lost all of my muscles. Do you know if Whey protein will help me aor harm me.
Dear Patient:  Whey protein consists of protein isolated from whey present in cow's milk. Whey protein along with resistant training activities like bodybuilding greatly increase the lean body mass of an individual. Whether whey protein affects cholesterol level is not clearly studied and the research is ongoing. The other symptoms of whey protein intake include indigestion, bloating, loose stools, increased flatulence, weakness, irritability. Taking whey is definitely beneficial if you are looking to gain muscle bulk and usage will depend on the symptoms use face after intake. You may take the hydrolysed forms of whey if there are digestive problems.

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