Will lifting weights stunt my growth?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hi, I really need to gain muscle mass in my arms but I find bodyweight exercises too uncomfortable to do intensely. I was thinking of doing bicep curls around 20-30 pounds to gain muscle mass in my arms. The problem is I'm only turning 14 soon and I'm worried about my growth being stunted, I'm currently 6 feet tall. My height is very important to me since I play basketball and I take basketball very seriously. I currently weigh around 64 kg, my upper body strength is quite bad for my size as well as my arm muscle mass. So if I start weight lifting will it affect my growth negatively?

Dear Patient:  There is no scientific research evidence that support the belief that Weight lifting stunt height growth or any other kind of body growth. On the contrary, it may stimulate growth. It is very important to keep in mind that all the exercises must be done with the proper technique; it is recommended to warm-up muscles before to avoid injuries. Weight lifting is a safe sport when done correctly, with the proper technique and appropriate warm-up.

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