Why do I have a big stomach when I'm 10

Hey I'm 10 years old and I think I'm fat. I have lower stomach fat but skinny arms. My sister told me that's its not fat. I have read about this but nothing came up.please help me fix this and make...


Pain in right lung while exercising

Hi. i am a healthy 18 year old girl and i have been exercising for basically my entire life. I havent had many problems other than a small heart valve leak but i had an ekg done and was cleared to ...


Post Exercise Hypotension with light headedness

My normal blood pressure is around 120/80, sometimes a bit lower. After I exercise lately I noticed I was feeling very lightheaded. This was with 10 minutes of cool down walking, followed by st...


Correct Exercise and Caloric Intake for 6'1, 26 Year old Male

I am a 26 year old, 6'1 male, and over a year ago I lost 25 or so pounds due to a healthier diet and increased exercise (from around 200 lbs to around 175lbs). I always seemed to go weigh anywhere ...


Surgery-free bow leg remedies

Hello, I am a person who's been living with bow legs for the past 17 years and would like to know any surgery-free remedies to help straighten my legs. Anything very helpful, healthy, and effective...

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