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I need hsv advice

I aquired hsv 1 on my genitals from my husband 7 years ago. We are now seperated and I am looking for a new partner. I would like to know how to talk to a new partner about this, such as risks, transmission ...

30 minutes ago

What could the light blood i experienced be?

My last period was June 14th-18th. I had unprotected sex with my husband the 24th-26th of June. on the first day of my missed period (July 15th) after having had sex I woke up and had a mucous discharge with a ...

30 minutes ago
30 minutes ago

Knuckle pain/swelling, please help

my knuckle linked to my middle finger on the right hand it slightly swollen, hurting and i have a tingly feeling, what could this be?

30 minutes ago

erection problem

i m 25 years of age , i am facing erection problem for quite a while . my erection does not lasts long . i am working right now and i smoke as well. Is mental pressure and smoking causing this disease?

31 minutes ago
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