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Arthritis or muscular?

My doctor says I have arthritis. Should I not have joint pain. My pain is all in my muscles, not in my joints (other than 1 finger and toe)

47 minutes ago

low wbc

Hi, I am a 32 male and I have a sickle cell trait and maybe a type 2 diabetes and i am taking zoloft I have a problem my WBC is 2.9 I jest get the lap report today. Before 3 months they were 3.4. I have seen...

48 minutes ago

IUD lodged in my colon

I have an IUD lodged in my colon. I've had many issues since this, including having to abort one pregnancy and a second one ending in a fully ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Its been 7 months sincemy llast surgery ...

1 hour ago

left arm pain

hi Dr I am a 23 year old female. Recently I have been having pain in my left arm – it is not constant, it comes and goes for about a week now. I have been having upper back, neck and shoulder pain for th...

1 hour ago

is it or not heart disease

Hello doctor, I'm a male 18 years old. I'm having pain in my chest mainly Centre left of the chest bone. I get choking pains in my chest more offenly while I'm on rest or lying down. While the pain starts, I...

1 hour ago
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