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Bellybutton piercing on removed hernia

can i get my bellybutton pierced after i had a herniated belly button removed when I was 9 months because it was growing to fast for my body and now I am 17 years old

5 hours ago

Bad sunburn plus swelling and muscle pain

How to treat a Bad sunburn resulting in swelling and extreme muscle pain?

5 hours ago

LDL Cholesterol

I am 30 years old and my cholesterol report is showing 180 LDL. From online sources, it seems like Avacado/day helps in improving HDL and it doesn't increase LDL as it has mono saturated fat, but today my docto...

5 hours ago

dizzy 24/7

Ive been dizzy for 3 years, when I laugh I get dizzy, when I watch tv for more than 2 hours I get dizzy, my head shakes a lot with every heartbeat

5 hours ago

Am I being paranoid?

Hi doc , I was sexually assaulted a few weeks back .. I went to the hospital right after it happened and got a kit done. They also gave me antibiotics to prevent any STIS that he may have given me.. They tol...

5 hours ago
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