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I have inflamitory osteoarthritis in neck and extremities. Was exposed to ecoli before symptoms started. Could ecoli have caused this or made it better or worse. I also have chronic IBS do to the ecoli

13 minutes ago


I have swollen glands in my neck and I have been to the doctor for it several times. I have been on antibiotics for it four times now and nothing seems to work.. I also have severe chest pains when is take deep...

14 minutes ago

Am I getting arthritis at 28?

The joints in my hands are a very dark color ( around my knuckles and by my finger tips.) My hands and other joints in my body hurt very badly every morning. My mother and grandmother both have arthritis very b...

16 minutes ago

Diabetes and Food Allergies

Why I am getting occasional food allergies after being diagnosed with diabetes . Is there any relation between the two ?

16 minutes ago

Finger disorder problem

Hello Diabetic patient finger is disorder problem facing.Doctor answered this is majja lose problem not treatment available.i add example photo please replay me treatment.This is my father matter age 63 years

16 minutes ago
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