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Pregnant with Pulmonary Embolism

What is a safe heart rate range for a woman who is 11 weeks pregnant and has pulmonary embolism?

2 days ago

Currently on the inplanon birth control

Question I am currently on the inplanon birth control(rod inserted under arm) I have not had a period/spotting or anything on it at all since I had it inserted when my son was 2 months old he is now 7 months ol...

2 days ago

Already have 5 kids am I pregnant again

I am a very fertile mother of 5 children. . After my last child was born I had a tubal ligation with filshie (??) Clips. . The doctor told me there was an issue with 1 side of my tube and actually double clampe...

2 days ago

pregnancy and amoxycillin

Hi. I took amoxicillin for UTI at 3 weeks pregnant and was told that it is safe for the baby. Now I am 9 weeks and my husband is taking levofloxacin for 10 days. How soon can I have unprotected sex with him? An...

2 days ago

Missed period, negative HPT, but worried.

My girlfriend hasn't had her period and its 6 days late so far. We had unprotected sex 4 weeks ago, I never released inside of her and quit when I did. She took a HPT today and it came back negative. Is she pr...

2 days ago
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