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Rabies Vaccine

I got a pre-exposure complete vaccination for Rabies 8 months back. However, 2 months back i was again scratched by a dog so i got a post-exposure routine of 2 doses 0 and 3. I regularly play with dogs and cats...

1 hours ago

Chance of rabies exposure?

Ok this is a long one, but earlier today i went into my shed to get chlorine tablets for my pool and on top of the container was unmistakeably "dried up" rat urine (i put dried up in quotation marks b...

1 hours ago

lower abdominal cramps

I have been experiencing lower abdominal cramps for the past year or so a few minutes after a run of 7 minutes or more. The cramps only last for about 5 minutes and then goes away completely. It is really, rea...

1 hours ago

Are they mine(twins)?

She says she is pregnant with my children(twins). I had intercourse with her on 4-22-2014. On 7-15-2014 she had an ultra sound and is saying that she is 7-8 weeks pregnant. Timeline of pregnancy seems a little ...

1 hours ago

Post masturbation issue

I was masturbation and did so a few times in a 24 hour period. I am certain that I may have been a bit to enthusiastic and rubbed some skin raw. I'm a big guy and the fat pouch around my penis tends to keep th...

1 hours ago
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