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am i pregnant

hello, i feel so pregnant, my boobs are larger and sore, my stomach is hard between my belly button and girl area, i feel cramping and streching like sensations as well as a full sensation, yet ive had negative...

1 hours ago

38th week pregenancy

I am 27 year old at 38th week pregnancy. Iam 4.9 ft height and 68 kg weight presently. My doctor told me that the child's head has not turned down and advised me go for ceasarean before july 4th. My EDD is on j...

1 hours ago

can I be pregnant and who is the father

pe this forum is active. I need help I had my last lnp june 19th till june 23. I had unprotected sex w guy a on june 27 and he ejaculated inside me then I had sex w guy b on july 2 twice n he pulled out. I'm fe...

1 hours ago

Medical treatment to cure d problem due to daily masurbation.

Im 28 yr old, i masturbate daily, and i think it has effected my health nd my penis size has become small. Wht medical treatment should i go for to be back to normal?

1 hours ago

Painful intercourse

Hi, I am a 16 year old female. My boyfriend and I have been having sex for about 8 months now and recently I have been having painful intercourse. Also, it is painful for me to put a tampon in. Before I did not...

1 hours ago
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