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On going hiccups

I have had hiccups since I was IN 7th grade. I do not mean the ones that everyone gets once in a while. These happen every day and throughout the day. Seems when I get nervouse, anxious, or ear & drink to...

8 hours ago

Abnormal bleeding

I am a 20 year old female and have been on the pill for roughly 3 1/2 years. I got on birth control to stop my bad cramps and heavy bleeding. I haven't had an issue at all until my period this month. The cramps...

8 hours ago

Period while pregnant

Is it possible to have ur period while pregnant?

8 hours ago

Slid down stairs.

I was walking down the stairs and just started to slide down the stairs my toes on my left foot right next to the punk toe is bruised and swollen and my left arm is skin a little peeled and bruised. My toe hurt...

8 hours ago

Please point me in the right direction (what you would do for yourself)

I have a very complex neurologic illness that has left me in pain, weak, difficulty walking to give you a snapshot. I have seen probably over 20 doctors and have taken myself to major instutitions in large ci...

8 hours ago
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