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Muscle Pain in Shoulder

About a month ago, I burnt my hand pretty bad and I had to go to the hospital. They gave me a tetanus shot and since my arm had stopped hurting from that, whenever I move my arm a certain way or put it above my...

2 hours ago

Painful right side of labia majora as well as a lump found

Regarding the inside of my labia majora: I noticed today the skin felt some what tender when I went to wipe but nothing too painful. Later I was in a bath and I felt a lump on my labia majora again on the insid...

2 hours ago

Does this sound like an ovarian cyst or possibly pregnancy?

I think I may have an ovarian cyst although I am not sure. I also think I may be pregnant but have not took a test because I have had some slight bleeding but nothing like I normally deal with with a "norm...

2 hours ago

Trying to get pregnant

I have been tryin to get pregnant for few tears last month my doctor gave me pills to help me ovulate an next month i didnt get my period just sytoms i took test an was negative its been 5 days since my missed...

2 hours ago

Swollen wrist

I have sort of a knot on the upper part of my wrist. I can't remember ever hurting it to cause a knot, but it's been swollen for a little over a week now. What is this? And how do I get rid of it?

2 hours ago
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