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I posted a question about being attempted to be fisted, bleeding, swelling, itching, burning, etc., and just recently received a message from my last sex partner. He has Chlamydia. I have it too. Don't I?

42 minutes ago

Leg length discrepancy after total Hip replacement surgery

My husband recently had left total hip replacement done. The left legis now noticeably shorter than the right. Is there anything that can be done to correct it?

3 hours ago

Does a history of pneumonia mean that I should seek medical attention for cold/flu symptoms to prevent it reaccuring?

I had a fever of 103 five day ago. Since then my throat has been aching as if it is swollen, I have been congested, and just feeling run down. My neck also gets intermittently stiff and sore to the point that I...

4 hours ago

My granddad suffers from diabetes

Hello, I am writing in concern to my granddad, who suffers from diabetes, and lost his sight throughout the years. He know lies in bed, barely moves, and has to be catered for every day. So far the family ha...

12 hours ago

possible pregnancy

On June 17 I began to feel very lightheaded, dizzy and "off" feeling. Later that night I was puking every twenty minutes. From that day, until the 27th, I felt extremely dizzy, nauseous, I puked almos...

12 hours ago
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