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Bleeding after masturbating

I'm 18, female & i've noticed these last couple days a while after i would masturbate i'd start bleeding as if it were my period but it's a little bit of blood. Should i be worried, is that normal?

15 minutes ago

Bleeding after lochia

I gave birth 2 months ago my bleeding stopped after 40 days and i think i had my period for a week then it stopped and now am bleeding again is it normal?

15 minutes ago

Increase duration of sex

how can we increase duration of sex period ? From few days suppose when if i try to masturbate or say sex ,my penis don't get harder as it goes for me ?

15 minutes ago

cannot get an erection

I just cannot get an erection even if I try Viagra and other pills available. sometimes it will only go halfway but not for long then it will retract again. any solution

15 minutes ago

Head of the penis

Hi, I have 17 years old and I have a problem. The head of my penis isn't hard enough, it's soft . I'm not sexually active and I don't know if it is a problem. The rest of the penis is hard. Thank you !

15 minutes ago
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