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What is this pink scar after my scab fell off?

Hi I had a pimple and then popped it. Later on it started to peel and then it scabbed up. Days later the scab came off by itself revealing pink skin. Please help.

2 hours ago

130 pounds and 5 feet tall and need to lose weight

i am 13 and i really want to lose weight. i weigh 150pounds and i am only 5 feet tall. i was just wondering if you have any tips on how i can loose weight fast and healthy because i am tired of being fat.

8 hours ago

Cracked corner of mouth advice

I have cracked side of mouth. Can I treat with mupirocin 2% and follow up with triamcinolone 1%

8 hours ago


I had protected sex four months ago with a new partner who just informed me that he tested positive for chlamydia and believes he knows who it came from and it was after me. I just went to get tested but am ve...

8 hours ago

Anxiety attack!

Sunday night, I was given a lollipop with pure THC in it (unbeknownst to me). It caused me to have a severe anxiety attack, slurred speech, extreme cotton mouth and I was also foaming out of the mouth. I went t...

8 hours ago
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