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Switching pills

Switching from the combined pill to the progesterone only pill. While on the combined pill I generally don't start my period until a few days after taking the last tablet of the cycle. Should I start the proges...

1 hours ago

Am I pregnant

Im on birth control and haven't skipped a pill. Me and my boyfriend had sex but didn't use a condom. I took the "sugar" pill but haven't gotten my period. It's been 3 days. I took a pregnancy test and...

1 hours ago

birth control pill help

hi, im a 17 year old female and ive been taking the alysena birth control pill for a year, i swiched to yaz to see if it would help me with acne, ive taken it for 3 months and had breakthrough bleeding because ...

1 hours ago

Am I pregnant?

My last period only lasted 2 days, next one should be July 12. Ive been feeling nausea and when i eat i have lose in appetite quickily everything seems good but i struggle to eat. I loved fruit and veggies befo...

1 hours ago

Doubts about the gestational age of the baby based on a first sonogram

I went for my first sonogram today and since I could not remember the date of my last period, the tech had to go off an estimate based on the size of the baby. She estimated 22 weeks, so I would have conceived ...

1 hours ago
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