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Depo Shot question, please help!

Started the depo shot about two weeks ago, but now i'm showing signs of brownish discharge, does this mean i'm pregnant?

47 minutes ago

When should I take a pregnancy test?

My period is very off... I missed 2 periods and then had 2 very short spotty periods and now I just got an early full period. I am on BC pills, and took 2 tests when i skipped periods but both were negative. I ...

47 minutes ago

Abnormal thyroid lab tests/brain scan

I am a 36 yr old white female. Since the birth of my son, 4.5 months ago, I have been experiencing severe joint pain, tendonitis and numerous other symptoms that seemed unrelated to each other. My Dr checked my...

47 minutes ago

Intestinal Infection Or Something Else?

For almost a month now I have been experiencing abdominal pain, cramping, bouts of constipation. Have had blood work done, had an ultrasound (focus on gallbladder), submitted stool samples for blood and bacteri...

47 minutes ago

Is birth control safe for skipping my period

Is birth control safe for skipping periods? I'm 14 years old and my period is going to be on the first week of high school! I really want to skip it and I heard that birth control is a way to skip it. I'm a vi...

15 hours ago
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