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Missed period, urinary frequency, am I pregnant?

I had a tubal in 08 and 3 missed peroids going pee a lot more and flutter in belly can I be pregaunt

11 hours ago

Birth control for increased testosterone levels

hello im a 20 year old female my testosterone levels are too high and was prescribed birth control pills I was wondering if it would level out my hormone levels and make the birth control ineffective?

11 hours ago

Why do I frequently urinate and have trouble sleeping?

I Frequently need to urinate, I have a hard time falling to sleep, I wake up frequently to urinate, I sometimes produce a ridiculous amount of saliva.

11 hours ago

Is this ovulation?

I'm not suppose to have my period for two more weeks but I am bleeding, it started out just a little pink but now it's kind of a flow of blood. It isn't like period blood or anything it smells and looks like bl...

11 hours ago

I woke up with a lump on my elbow, what is it?

this morning i woke up with a random little lump on my elbow and it hurts when i touch it what could it be? 2 days ago i took a sleeping pill that my boyfriend gave to me and before that my sister gave me 2 cap...

11 hours ago
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