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Sex after C-Section

I had C - Section about 12 weeks ago, now my hubby n me want to have sex, but I am afraid for any complications, is it OK now ???

3 hours ago

Is it okay to take laxatives after anal sex?

Is it okay for me [a male] to take a laxative after having sex with another male?

4 hours ago

Are electronic cigarettes bad for 14 year olds?

My son smokes....I have no clue where he gets the cigarettes from....he can't stop smoking....he can't stop he tried to....but he couldn't....I want to buy him a electronic cigarette because I think it's better...

4 hours ago

How do I treat carpet burn?

i have a carpet burn and its bad. Its on my chin, also that its been two months but its still red and is surrounded with a dark skin. Is it possible to get rid of it?

4 hours ago

Depo Shot question, please help!

Started the depo shot about two weeks ago, but now i'm showing signs of brownish discharge, does this mean i'm pregnant?

6 hours ago
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