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2 herniated discs one in the L5-S1 and another in the L4-L5

I have 2 herniated discs one in the L5-S1 and another in the L4-L5. I have spinal stenosis and bad sciatica. Last Friday I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well. I have had SEVERE groin pain and hip pain fol...

7 hours ago

sudden pain in my left thigh and trouble walking

Hello! Two days ago, I got up from my desk at work and had sudden pain in my left thigh and trouble walking. It waxed and waned during the day. That night, I had a very hard time sleeping because of the pain...

7 hours ago

Enema with only liquid as evacuation

Hi there, I had to take an enema for a flex sig tomorrow. I don't think I used enough solution. I waited but when I evacuated, it was just liquid. On the box, it states that I should contact a doctor if I di...

7 hours ago

Why am I weaker than most persons my age?

I'm a lot weaker than everyone else my age. How can I not be?

7 hours ago

Hard circular growth on my thumb

Hello, this is very strange as it does not fit into the category of a mole, corn, wart or anything else i research. For 5 years i have a hard skin circular growth in the center of my thumb on top of my thumbpri...

7 hours ago
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