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Thin Facial Hair

I am 27 years old and have thin facial hair. Though the hair fociles are there properly, bu the hair is very thin and cant be seen until u come close to face. I saw a doctor and she prescribed, biotin and an...

43 minutes ago

Will blood test reveal true answer?

I have a copper iud in place ,I wanted to know if this device will interfere with a blood test to find out if I'm pregnant , I have used a lot of the over the counter pregnancy tests but they all say negative ...

43 minutes ago

Growth plates

I'm at 14 year old girl and I'm 5'5. The docter took a x-Ray of my wrist and said that they are the widest most open growth plates he has ever seen for a girl my age. How much more does this mean I will grow?I ...

43 minutes ago

hypo and hypertention? 149/59

Hi I'm a 27 year old female whos athletic and eats well. I had a blood pressure of 149/59 and heart rate of 50 at the dentist the other day. I have symptoms of low blood pressure sometimes but how can i be hypo...

45 minutes ago

burned tubs

I have gotten my tubs burned 3 years ago and I'm spotting...I got my menstrual on the 3rd and I get it for 3 days but this month I have gotten it for 8 days and today I went to the bathroom and I am spotting ca...

45 minutes ago
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