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Diane 35

I take diane 35 for contraception but this month i do not want to have my period so after the first pack of diane 35 finished i directly started a new one ( i did not let my period come). My question is: could ...

16 hours ago

late period

Hi, my period is 5 days late and I've taken two different hpt three days apart and both were negative. I've also been more hungry than usual and I've had clear discharge. But no other symptoms. Also I'm on iron...

16 hours ago

Delaying My Period with Mercilon

Hello. My boyfriend is coming over on august 18 and we plan to have sex but right now i've been having my period around the time he is planning to come. When should i start taking the 21-day mercilon pills to b...

17 hours ago

unusual period

Hi I started my period 5/6days ago and normally should start to finish by now. I always have a light period but this time I started getting a really sore pain same today but bleeding more heavily. This is reall...

17 hours ago

can this get me pregnant?

my periods were due on 19th and i had sex on 16th we used condom it didnt feel like it broke out and he ejaculated in me but there was a sticky white thing outside the condom. im afraid if condom broke and we d...

17 hours ago
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