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Pregnancy & antibiotics

My husband and I have been planning for a year now to start trying for a baby this coming August. I am a horse trainer, and for the last four weeks I have been treating a very sick pony with an antibiotic call...

24 minutes ago

U.T.I pain

Diagnosed and given antibiotics but pain stopped so never took them, now weeks later it hurts again

24 minutes ago

What is causing me this pain in my upper stomach

I currently have gallstones with chronic cholystitis, I haven't had an attack in over a week. I have severe upper back pain and my upper stomach is hard and rigid and hurts also. what could be causing this pain...

24 minutes ago

abdominal pain

I have had alot if abdominal pain, i first threw up blood then constipation now my upper left quadrant is swollan as big as my fist should i be concerned

24 minutes ago

Muscle Pain in Shoulder

About a month ago, I burnt my hand pretty bad and I had to go to the hospital. They gave me a tetanus shot and since my arm had stopped hurting from that, whenever I move my arm a certain way or put it above my...

4 hours ago
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