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pain in knees

sir/madam i suffer from pain in both knees but not while walking but mostly during walking upstairs,i mean when my legs bend in a certain angle and i sometimes feel senselessness in my knees...but there is no ...

1 hours ago

Trying to conceive

Hi Doctor , I am trying to conceive since few months , taking injections on d3, d4, d7 to have good eggs (stimulation) , all the tests are normal . I have a query my LMP was -27th May'2014 I ovulated on 11...

1 hours ago

Pregnancy trying for a baby

Hi I need some help, I had an implant in, my last period was 22nd May and implant came out 6june. I ovulated 21st June and had intercourse every day, it's about 10 days after ovulation occurred now I've had sli...

1 hours ago

pregnancy - my period is 8 days late

Hi doctor. I usually get my period on 22nd day but i m 8 days late. i am not getting any signs of pregnancy but i did feel a burning sensation when urinating. I am also fasting. could my missed period be due to...

1 hours ago

Arthritis or muscular?

My doctor says I have arthritis. Should I not have joint pain. My pain is all in my muscles, not in my joints (other than 1 finger and toe)

6 hours ago
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