Infertility after menopause

Hello Doctor Hope you are doing good. We were planning for kids and then I was diagnosed with EndoMetriosis cyst which was removed 8 months back and later i had 2 sessions of depoprovera. Since 2 m...


Help! Trying to Concieve

The gp thinks i may have PCOS.. she has prescribed me norethisterone 5mg 3x daily.. i am trying to conceive.. will this defer it? or help it?


Semen Analysis

I ve listed the details of my sperm analysis report.. Pls suggest whether i could give birth to a child and go for marriage life.... Semen Analysis Volume : 3.0 m...


Sperm analysis

Hi,my husband did a sperm analysis and i would like to understand the different things mention about his sperm.His motility is progressive at 30% with PH 8.0. Appearance:Whitish fluid with mod vi...


Clomid and fertility injection

I am 51 have just remarried and have finished the menopause I want a baby I am thinking of clomid and the fertility injection. I am trying to avoid ivf what is my best chance to try and get pregnant

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