bloody vomit in pediatric patient

Dear Ask The Doctor:  My little girl has just vomited and there was blood present in the vomit. What is this due to or is it something to be concerned over?
Dear Patient:  I realize how worried you are about finding blood in your baby’s vomit, let me reassure you that a small quantity of blood in the vomit is usually nothing to worry about, as the force of vomiting can cause tiny tears in the blood vessels lining the esophagus. Your baby's vomit may also be tinged with red if he's swallowed blood from a cut in his mouth or a nosebleed within the last six hours.
I would suggest you to watch for signs of alarm such as dehydration shown as sunken eyes, dry mouth and skin and profound drowsiness. An increase in fluids to replenish the losses is also suggested, if the event repeats again, please seek immediate attention.

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