Question :

Three month old breastfed son has BM's that are all mucus?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi! My 3 month old son is exclusively breastfed and has been having mucus in his stool for the past 3 weeks. I have already tried cutting dairy (including red meat) out of my diet for 2 weeks, with no improvements. His BM's are practically all mucus (one big glob). His stool is normal in color and he is a very happy baby (does not seem uncomfortable). I would like to know if there is something else I should try cutting out of my diet or if this is just normal?

Answer :

Dear Patient: 
I truly understand your concern about your son’s condition. But the presence of mucus in a pediatric patient stool’s can be perfectly normal and does not necessarily mean that he has a condition such as Chron’s disease or an inflammation in his intestines.
Remember that babies at that age will drool in big amounts of saliva and also most of that volume would be swallowed, in their intestines the water from the saliva would be absorbed leaving the mucus consistency with his feces. On the other hand if you notice blood and mucus in his stools plus irritability and fever, this can be produced by an infection and a visit to the pediatrician should be done.

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