Baby Sleep

Baby sleep

My baby is 2yrs now .it takes me almost 2 hrs to put her to sleep . can u suggest me better ways how she falls sleep easily every night.

Night terrors or Sleep Apnea?

My son just turned 6 months and just recently had an episode of what I suspect was night terrors. He woke screaming an when went into his room to console hi...

Night terrors: What are they and how can they be treated?

My 2 year old has night terrors what can i do and should i tell her doctor?

Infant son sleeps face down despite our efforts

My son is 5 months old. He gets plenty of tummy time during the day, is able to life his head and shoulders, and also rolls from from back to stomach. W...

Symptoms After Flu Shot in a 1 Year Old

My 1 year old had swine flu injections thursday 4th november she has been on and off with her food since but tonight she has been very unsettled a sudden inc...

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