Question :

Reducing Fever in 3 year Old

Dear Ask The Doctor:
What is the best way to bring down a fever my three year old son has? It is 103.7. I heard that you should put them in a luke warm bath?

Answer :

Dear Patient: 
Hello, I understand your worry about your son’s fever. Certainly one of the best physical methods to reduce the fever is to take a bath with lukewarm water. You could also try dressing him in light clothes, placing wet compresses on his forehead and armpits.
You might want to give him Tylenol to help reduce the fever in combination with the physical methods, in my opinion this is better than to use medications alone. Certainly it is very important to keep your son well hydrated, so plenty of fluids are recommended.
If the fever does not remit in the next hours, I will suggest you to take him to your health care provider for more detailed treatment. I wish him a prompt recovery.

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