RhoGam after a miscarriage.

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I am RH negative, so when i was pregnant with my son i have to get the Rhogam shot while i was pregnant and then after dilvery. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks back in october so my question is, should i have gotten the shot again after then miscarriage or will i be able to conceive without it?

Dear Patient:  Certainly if you are Rh-negative, physicians would advise you to receive RhoGAM after a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or other pregnancy loss.
As you may already know, getting a RhoGAM or other Rh immune globulin shot is a precaution against a situation called Rh incompatibility, which could affect future pregnancies.
Let me reassure that the risk of sensitization after a miscarriage is relatively small. However, you should inform your doctor about this, a test might need to be done to check your Rh sensitization status. In the event that you did develop anti-Rh antibodies, treatments for Rh incompatibility do exist and your doctor will know to observe your future pregnancies closely for signs of problems so as to intervene early if needed. I wish you the best.

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