Should I take Plan B or not?

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I am very unsure of whether or not to take the Plan B pill. My boyfriend and I typically practice safe sex with condoms, but the other night, we had unprotected intercourse three times within the night. He peed between ejaculations, and withdrew before he ejaculated. We had sex 48 hours ago, so I know my Plan B time is running out. We had sex Janaury 30th, and my last period began January 21st, so I was 9 days into my cycle, and typically have 30 day cycles. What should I do? Very concerned.

Dear Patient:  I do understand your concern. I would definitely advise taking Plan B if you want to avoid getting pregnant. Plan B is most effective if taken as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours of having unprotected sex. However, it works well up to 72 hours and might even be effective if taken within 120 hours (five days).

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