Missed Period

14 year old girl, Sore breasts and hard feeling in them?

14 yr. old girl having sore breasts, and they feel hard?? Lately my breasts have felt sore and started feeling hard? I don't know if I'm gonna have my period soon because its always irregular. I'm ...


Late period, Negative HPT. Should I see my doctor?

Should I go see my Doctor, or am I over reacting?


Miscarriage, period, and now 3 months later still no period.

I'm 21, I had normal periods for most of my life always coming exactly a month later. I had a baby at 18 (no complications). This year though (2014) something changed. I went without a period fro...


Pregnacy after meraina iud

Hello, i got my meraina iud out july 8 2014, that same day even before getting it removed i started my period. My husband and i started trying to concieve asap. my whole life my periods have been n...


Mildly concerned about missing a period after sex

I have irregular periods and it is not unusual for me to miss them but i had sex during the time I was expecting to have my period and now for the past week I have been nacious, mild diahriah, prob...

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