Best time for hcg test for pregnancy

Dear Ask The Doctor:  Hello doctor,normally my period cycle is 30 days,today is my 32"nd day,so i take hcg test in night only,it shows negative,my question is should i take hcg test only in the first urine or any other time,now what about my situation sir?

Dear Patient:  Home pregnancy test are fairly accurate in detecting pregnancy if done during the right time. Urine tests for pregnancy are most sensitive 2-3 weeks after conception. Before this, the pregnancy hormone levels may not be high to be detected in the tests. The test is accurate if you take it a week after you miss your periods (you may have to wait a couple of days to repeat the test). The test should be done in the morning with the first urine sample as it contains the most hormone concentration. I hope this helps, take care.

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