Nausea, dizzines, fatigue, headache, vaginal mucusy discharge and late period

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I have 2 children and my husband & I aren't planning another one so we have just been using condoms. But the last week I've had terrible , just recently added to it is nausea, dizzines, fatigue, headache, vaginal mucusy discharge but late period. I've taken a Home preg Test and had my Doctor perfom a urine sample as well they both came back negative. Is there a chance I tested too early or what else could be the problem? Thank you very much!

Dear Patient:  This is a common concern.
While the best home based urine pregnancy tests can give an answer as early as 7 days after conception, the most accurate results are received after you have missed a period or are late for your period.  My best advise is to avoid sexual activity for 7 days and retest - a second negative test would rule out the possibility of pregnancy.  If you are not pregnant and still having the same symptoms, your doctor will consider other causes.

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