Infertility after a Vasectomy Reversal

I had a successful vasectomy, my follow up tests indicated a sperm count of zero. Is there any risk of pregnancy at this point?

Alcohol and Pregnancy

I just did a home pregnancy test and found out I'm about 19 days pregnant. During that time I had a chest x-ray and probably averaged one glass of wine a nigh...

Paternity DNA Testing, how is it done?

how can I get a dna test after the baby?

What is the chance of pregnancy

Hi My gf is a virgin. I've just placed my pennis above her cunt after some time of my ejaculation. I did not insert it. Is there any chance of pregnancy?

Pregnancy & antibiotics

My husband and I have been planning for a year now to start trying for a baby this coming August. I am a horse trainer, and for the last four weeks I have be...

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