8 months pregnant and fell on my side, what should I do?

I had just recently fell really hard on my right side , I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I'm not bleeding but I do have pain in my stomach and abdomen , what should I do?

Period while pregnant

Is it possible to have ur period while pregnant?

First time sex me and my GF

Me and my gf had sex for the frist time for both of us im 15 and we where in a hottube and i eqcaulated and 20 mins later we had sex ( for like 10 mins and dd...

Pregnancy trying for a baby

Hi I need some help, I had an implant in, my last period was 22nd May and implant came out 6june. I ovulated 21st June and had intercourse every day, it's abo...

Infertility after a Vasectomy Reversal

I had a successful vasectomy, my follow up tests indicated a sperm count of zero. Is there any risk of pregnancy at this point?

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