Could I still be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex a month ago and took the morning after pill a day later, I then had unprotected sex 2 weeks later and then came on my period the next da...

Contraceptives | 04/19/2014

pimple or herpes

IYesterday I accidentally popped a bump on my vagina on the outside lip where hair grows ( I haven't shaved in s few weeks or about a month and a half) when I...

STD’s | 04/19/2014

Rashesh on pennis skin

Hi. Dear Doc from last several months some minor cuts are appears on my pennis just beneath the cap at wrinkle area. My skin getting dry and its paining alo...

Dry Skin | 04/19/2014

Body itches in the night

My body itces me all night although im astmatic patient. Its iches me seriously for over some years now

Dry Skin | 04/15/2014

Recurring fever and HIV chance

Dear Sir, I had a protected sex with a sex worker. I used a tissue paper to clean my penis which was wiped by the sex worker on her vagina. After two mont...

HIV and AIDS | 04/14/2014