Dry, irritated penile skin

The skin under the head of my penis is irritated slightly but causes me no pain. I have been masturbating recently with lubricant and I stopped masturbating f...

Dry Skin | 07/23/2014

penis problems

Is there any way I can make my penis any longer/thicker? I mean I'm about 6inches hard and about 2 or 3 inches soft, but I'm worried. I mean I'm 17 and I'm g...

Erection Problems | 07/23/2014

birth control and antibiotics

how long with antibiotics and birth control do I need to use extra protection? I've been on birth control for years but last week had antibiotics prescribed ...

Safe Sex | 07/23/2014

should i get a STD test?

Dear doctor, I have had a sexual encounter with an escort girl three days ago, and I am feeling depressed and guilty right after. During the sex, we had vi...

Sexual Health | 07/23/2014

I bleed after sex, on Birth control?

I bleed after sex? I don't know what's going on but I've had sex with 2 guys (months apart by the way) and after I went to the restroom I found out I was b...

Contraceptives | 07/23/2014
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