Sex after C-Section

I had C - Section about 12 weeks ago, now my hubby n me want to have sex, but I am afraid for any complications, is it OK now ???

Sexual Conditions | 07/31/2014

Is it okay to take laxatives after anal sex?

Is it okay for me [a male] to take a laxative after having sex with another male?

Sexual Health | 07/31/2014

Is the pill still effective if i had unprotected sex twice?

Hi If I had unprotected sex over the weekend (both days), would the morning after pill still be effective? Regards

Contraceptives | 07/31/2014

Trichomoniasis Risk/Responsibility

Hello, I am a 29 year old male. In the last month I've had encounters with three partners in one month, each time involving protected vaginal intercourse ...

STD’s | 07/31/2014

erection problems

I'm 17 and up Until the last couple days I've been getting erections easily, but now I cant get it up at all even through porn or masterbation

Erection Problems | 07/31/2014
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