Erection Problems

Undiluted dettol on penis.

Hey doctor. I would appreciate your opinion - this is urgent to me. Hours ago I made the stupid mistake of placing some undiluted dettol from underneath my scrotum to under my penis. When I read t...


Use of Garlic and honey to treat Erectile Dysfunction

I am 47 years and in the past months I have been having weak erection and PE within the first 1 -3 minutes of intercourse. I searched from the internet I learnt that Garlic and honey can treat Ere...


Cut penis

I am a 22 year old male. Last night I was trimming my pubic hair with an electric trimmer without the safety guard on and I nicked/gashed my penis on the underside towards the base. The bleeding ...


Erection problems

I'm 17 and up Until the last couple days I've been getting erections easily, but now I cant get it up at all even through porn or masterbation


Erection problem

I have erection prblm and also strength in timing problem

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