My clitoris is torn. please help!

I ripped the top of my clitoris . It didn't hurt or bleed . Is the skin to my clitoris going to heal and connect back together? If so , how long will it take?


What is this pink scar after my scab fell off?

Hi I had a pimple and then popped it. Later on it started to peel and then it scabbed up. Days later the scab came off by itself revealing pink skin. Please help.


Pimples and marks on face

My skin is so damaged so mach pimples and marks on my face i am using acdermin gel on face and taking Diane-35 tablet for pimples please advice me


White spots on full arms

Some months before i got some white mark on my wrist and my arms now they are going incenses day by day and there was some itching also. they are on back palm, wrist, fingure and arms.


Ear piercing infection

I got my first ear piercings last may or june and i think one of my ears are infected. my ear lobes are thick so i knew my ears would take longer to heal but it's been months and behind my left ear...

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