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Vaginal Dryness

Very Swollen Labia and Vaginal Dryness

I had a uti a couple weeks ago and used antibiotics and it cleared up fine. Now I am unable to get wet when I have sex/oral sex/masturbate. What's really alarming is after painful, difficult sex wi...


Itchy dry vagina with bumps

I have very bad dry vaginal skin and it's very itchy. Keeps me up all night. The only relief I get is when I'm on my period. Also, have bumps on my labia minora, which is extremely itchy. I sexual...


Sex Help!

Hi Doc My girl friend and i are having trouble with our sex life she has always been not that into never one to start the deed. But when we do get into it she can orgasm and stuff. its just she i...


Vaginal dryness after yeast infection

I had an abortion last year in September, i have always had the natural moisture in my virgina. Though ever since the abortion my virgina has been very dry and no moisture at one stage it got very...


Menopause and Pain During Intercourse

My wife is 66 and I am 59. She has gone thru menopause (12 yrs ago) and has suffered with vaginal dryness since. She still has hot flashes and is not on any hormones due to the "Risk Factor". She...

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