HSV 2,positive immunological tests

Dear Ask The Doctor:  I was recently diagnosed with hsv2 and test value is for IgG is 13.8 NTU and IgM is 1. If I am infected with virus I want to know about medicine and is it can cure?

Dear Patient:  firstly, teh HSV2 blood test is not considered an accurate tests and many false positives do exist. the test has to be interpreted withing the context of your medical history and past sexual history.  your family doctor will be able to aid you in the interpretation.
Positive tests only tells that you have virus in the body that does not mean you will have symptoms , it can be years before you actually have the symptoms.Be aware of any eruptions or ulcers around the genital area and itching and report to a doctor on the first signs of it . The precautions you have to take is get your sexual partner also checked for the virus and have a protected sex as it can spread to your partner even if you do not have symptoms , If you are married and planning a child consult  a gynaecologist with your wife.
You only need to take medicine when you have symptoms.

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